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"Our Haflinger, Mo, had developed chronic diarrhea.  Dr. Emily and Dr. Victoria performed examinations, fecal analysis, and diagnostic analysis and it was determined that Mo had IBS.  Dr. Victoria prescribed a medication and during the entire medication regiment (two months), she called weekly to obtain a status.  During this time, I also called her with questions which she gladly answered and also researched when necessary.  She has been concerned and involved the entire time and we appreciate her dedication to getting Mo well."


- The Whittens

“Lowcountry Large Animal Veterinary Services have always been extremely prompt to respond and follow up treatment is great.  When my older thoroughbred was colicing, they responded within minutes of the initial call.  Dr. Victoria Martin demonstrated treatment above and beyond norm, in fact the first night was performed in extreme cold and wind, by “candlelight”.  I am very fortunate to use the caring service of LLAVS.”


- Ken Seely, Natural Horsemanship Trainer

"We have built a life around loving and caring for horses.  Don’t have tell you how that feels. What fabulous creators they are. Over the years we have laughed and cried over these children and Dr. Emily has been right there with us, sharing in the joy, laughter and sometimes the sorrow.  


Can’t count the number of bites, cuts, scrapes, kicks and colic’s she has seen us through, always with compassion and professionalism. Caring spirits are not only present with Emily, but extend to all the staff, who we have grown to love and call our friends.  Our life on the farm has been better with Dr. Emily watching over us and our herd, Rosie, Annie, Sassy, Bold, Blaze and in loving memory of Sassy’s mom, Bella. 


Dr. Emily, Dr. Josh and Charlie have become a part of our family. And it is our sincere hope we will continue to nurture a precious friendship."


- Carole & Hans Kohler

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