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Routine Veterinary Care

Lowcountry Large Animal provides large animal preventative medicine, herd healthcare and field surgical services for large animals.  LLAVS provides scheduled ambulatory care in the form of a fully-equipped veterinary mobile unit during regular appointment hours as well as after hours in cases of emergency.

Veterinary Services

We offer a mulitude of services tailored to the specific needs of our small ruminant patients.


Whether you require herd health services for your dairy goat operation or are interested in developing a wellness plan for your pet goats, LLAVS will happily assist you in achieving your veterinary medical care goals.


Ruminant Healthcare Services Include:


  • herd health evaluations including customized vaccination protocols, nutritional consultation & wellness care

  • surveillance disease testing which not only protects your investment but also provides buyer peace of mind when producers consider purchasing from your herd

  • parasite control programs including small ruminant FAMACHA evaluation & deworming to ensure strategic & effective parasite control

  • castration services including surgical & callicrete bander techniques

  • permanent & individual identification including ear tagging and/or tattoo application

  • small ruminant hoof trimming services

  • health certificates issued for interstate transport, show or sale of individual or multiple animal

Herd Healthcare with Your Goals in Mind!

Appointment & Emergency Policies:
  • Please call for routine and emergency appointment availability.

  • Emergencies take precedence over scheduled appointments.  In the event of an emergency situation during office hours, we may be forced to reschedule appointments.  We ask for your understanding and patience with the knowledge that we will extend the same emergency courtesy to all of our clients.


Lowcountry Large Animal is honored to provide quality care for the horses and critters you love so much.  We wish to thank you for your loyalty and look forward to working together to provide your animals with the level of veterinary care they deserve.  As horse enthusiasts and owners, we share our client’s devotion to maintain happy, healthy horses.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions regarding our services or the welfare of your animals.

Small Ruminant and Cattle

Small Ruminant Health Care

Lowcountry Large Animal currently offers veterinary care to small ruminants and equine patients located in South Carolina's Lowcountry.

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